Differences Between South Carolina Home Inspectors vs New York Home Inspectors

Many things mark the difference between South Carolina Home Inspectors and their New York counterparts. A leading Long Island home inspection company that published this on their blog stated that it was purely for the purpose of educating their clients. Many people had concerns about this, but they did not want to push it further. In the piece, the company stated that New York Home Inspectors had to go through rigorous exams set by the State body. This was the criteria that determined if they will be certified to serve their clients. On the other hand, the SC inspectors just needed to pass one exam or be affiliated with a professional body, and they are ready to go.

Report from a recent Long Island home inspection It was stated that the New York home inspector licensing requirements was one of the most demanding in the whole of the US. This was hinged on the fact that the people who intended to get this license will pay high fees. Also, they will not be able to transfer their license to their staff. Each person was required to go through the process on an individual basis. This was not so for those in SC. They have a plan that allows anyone that is certified to float a company. This certificate covers anyone that works in the organization. Also, there are little checks for those who operate in the SC area when weighed against what their NY counterparts’ experience.

The Dillon City, South Carolina home inspectors, enjoy a certain degree of leverage from the government. They can get some rebates or refunds when they carry out an appropriate home inspection training. This means that they do not have to pay high fees to be certified. This is not so with New York home inspectors. Interestingly enough, most home inspectors from NY end up going to Alabama for their training. It is also worth mentioning that for the New York inspectors out there you will need to have a certain amount of man hours on the job in order to be considered for licensing.

A look at the home inspection in Dillon City, SC, will show that most of the jobs are carried out in a few hours. This is due to the type of structures that are built in the area. The homes do not have any complexities, and people can access virtually every area of the house in a few minutes. This is not so for those who want to carry out a Home inspection in New York. Sectors such as Suffolk County and Huntington can have very palatial houses. This will need the extra effort of a home inspector to cover the space completely.

Another significant difference from SC Home inspectors and NY Home Inspectors is that their salaries are different. It has been discovered that the NY Home inspectors pay more than the SC Home Inspectors. In all, each of the States has very qualified companies that serve various clients in the area.

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