Cincinnati Exterminator Talks of Opening Shop in Dillon City

INC Pest Control (website:, a popular Cincinnati exterminator, has become one of the most renowned firms handling pest control in Cincinnati, OH. It has garnered wide reaching popularity through providing superior training to the exterminators employed in their company along with enhancing and continuously improving their products. The company has also tied itself to green and sustainable causes by promoting the use of less harmful and more biodegradable components.

Pest Control EmployeeMost pesticides that are used comprise of hazardous chemicals that pose health risks and perpetual damage to the environment. By taking on a greener approach to the production of INC Pest Control products, a new form of pest control in Cincinnati was introduced and the company soared to new heights of acceptance and popularity, denoting more loyal customers and brand familiarity.

Soon after, several newspapers and magazines started recognizing the work of the company and the idea of promoting the use of chemicals that were less potent in the environment. This concept of keeping in mind society’s long run benefits appealed to many who cared for the environment and thus, prompted them into choosing INC Pest Control as their firm of choice when considering exterminators in Cincinnati.

Along with a building a sustainable image for itself, the company also became one of the pest control firms in Cincinnati that sponsored the local baseball team and supported local charities. Doing so brought them in sight of consumers which was beneficial to their business as commercial and residential customers usually favor doing business with companies they know or are more aware of.

All in all, the company was doing very well financially and had a reputable brand image. The company was also starting to gain popularity beyond Cincinnati as more and more people became aware of their strides for greener, biodegradable products and their contributions in their region of operation. The company also had enough resources and profits to consider opening an additional outlet operating in a different region.

Functioning locally as a successful pest control firm in Cincinnati as opposed to expanding in another city to become a bigger company like Orkin in a market full of big successful companies is a huge challenge and there are many aspects that need to be considered before taking such a decision. INC Pest Control have talked about opening a shop in Dillon City and when the marketing manager was asked about why the decision was taken, he responded saying: “our goal was not to become a big company, but to serve the people that we choose in a way that was different from other pest control companies in Cincinnati. We were not sure if what we sought out for would be profitable, but we were met with astonishing results. After our companies’ immense success here, we would like to open a shop in Dillon city to see how our vision for this company works out elsewhere and we are very positive and enthusiastic about functioning in another city.”

Cincinnati exterminators may not have as high sales in Dillon city as they do in Cincinnati as they are not as well-known there. However, if they are able to establish themselves as a reputed pest control firm in Dillon city as well then the company will be in the race of the top dogs in the pest control business.

As news of INC Pest Control opening a store in Dillon city swopped in, the company was asked if they have similar plans for any other parts of the country. The company made it known that they already have branches across various cities in the United States, and are indeed looking to expand further in the near future.